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Rituality VRTIM team online platform, Berlin-Moscow, 2021

What we create is a collective dream that people fall into by clicking on the website. Internet space is a psychoactive substance for immersion in a collective ritual. This place is a limb, a memory (which you can plunge into), an event from your personal past, a space for entering other realities. Although the basis of ritualism remains intersecting in all traditions, viewers are invited to bathe in an echo of the Soviet past, absorbed by the earth, a gloominess of an already dark experience.

If you want to see it all - then you can follow the purple Guide that cycles around the prepared path. Cyclicity associated with rituals, eternal rebirth, reincarnation, symbolic transformation of the action. It is bubbling and blubbering with a special kind of speech - a sleep-talk.

The viewer is invited to freely penetrate the space using a mouse and a keyboard (or other provided input device), walking through the virtual swamp, finding puzzle pieces of meaning, interacting with objects. Experience is also given through the sound and rhythm, thus adding up not only the visual picture, but embracing all the feelings possible in the virtual space. Work was created with the help of VRTIM production team using 3D software: Unity, Cinema4D, Blender and Zbrush.